What does A-List mean?

“A-List” represents your biggest and smallest aspirations that lift your life, your friendships, and your dreams.

How do I become a member?

There are many ways to play our games; some are free 7 day challenges which give you access to our community and philosophy. If you want more, become an A-List Hero Arrow with our All Access Pass for $47.

What do I get for being a member?

Games, Challenges, Quests, Newsletters, Blogs, Group Chats, Tools and Resources, Downloadables, Coaching/Mentoring, Awards, Perks, Prizes, and Recognition, Community, FUN!

Is my name shared with databases?


Who can join?

Anyone who is between the ages of 13-20.

How do I sign up?

Go to our Click the “Register” button (top-right).

What does it mean to be a Hero?

All 12 HEROes are within each of us awaiting discovery. Hero is an upstander for:

  • Help
  • Empower
  • Ripple
  • Opportunities

Why should I join?

A-List Hero is a community of UPSTANDERS! Our teens say NO to bullying and to hurting others. When you join, you raise your level of leadership, self awareness, friendships, and confidence through our teen led/teen fed programs. As a member you make a commitment to your personal growth. Our teens rise to higher levels as they master the games to become teen leaders.

What is the Ripple Opportunity?

Our games help you to tether to a future that is bigger, bolder, and more daring than you can imagine yet!

How do I get featured as an A-List Hero?

How can you not?! We have so many paths that align you with your aspirations, connect you with your peers, and celebrate your achievements.